Wyandotte #3 Scholars

 Wyandotte #3 Scholars

The Masons of Wyandotte Lodge #3 have joined with the faculty of Piper High School to create an annual scholarship to reward the top young lady and young man of each years graduating class.  The winners are selected by the school faculty based on academics, extra curricular activities, involvement in the community and athletics. The Lodge then presents the winners with a framed certificate and One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) applied to their student account at the College or University of their choice. We understand that the future of our community and our fraternity rests with the future of our youth, and hopefully this will lead to a life of service for our winners. 

Since we began this program 5 years ago, tuition and expenses have continued to rise well above the rate of inflation.  Education is expensive, but without it we have no future.  The Masons of Wyandotte Lodge #3 have thus revamped the Wyandotte Scholars Program.  Beginning this year, 2014, our scholars will recieve the One Thousand Dollar stipend yearly for 4 years.  We hope that the extra money helps our scholars excel in their respective educational choices. 


2014 Scholars

The 2014 Wyandotte Scholars are Ms. Alyssa Sullivan and Mr. Brady Gooch.


                     Ms. Alyssa Sullivan and Mr. Brady Gooch


2014 Wyandotte Scholars and their families at award ceremony


Ms. Alyssa Sullivan and Mr. Brady Gooch with W:.B:. Bob Babbitt, Secretary and
W:.B:. Mark Davison and W:.B:. Bob Wallace Jr., Trustees

2013 Wyandotte Scholars

The Wyandotte Scholars for 2013 are Mr. Raymond Kovac and Ms. Kayla Jones.  Congratulations Graduates. 


Mr. Raymond Kovac and Ms. Kayla Jones


Mr. Raymond Kovac and Ms. Kayla Jones with families and W:.B:. Mark Davison

Roster of Scholars and Their Schools


Andrew W. Gribble, lV                               Emily Wolfe

Kansas Wesleyan                                     Kansas State University


Craig Swan                                              Jordan Biel

Kansas State University                              University of Kansas


Bryan A. Rezin                                          Rebecca Ferguson

William Jewel                                            Graceland College


Zachary Smith                                           Whitney Morrow

University of Kansas                                   Benedictine


Raymond J. Horvat                                     Kayla Jones

Emporia State University                              Xavier University


Brady Gooch                                              Alyssa Sullivan

Kansas State University                                Bethel College