Wyandotte Lodge No. 3, AF & AM

Masonic Education
One of the Pursuits of Excellence in Masonry

The Masonic Education Committe 
Br. Bryan Minich - Chair
W:. Jim Hannah
W:. Tom Strickland

Masonic Education
For 2017, Wyandotte Lodge #3 will have Masonic Education discussions at each Stated Meeting, unless otherwise directed.  Each discussion will have a theme; the Brethren will have time between each Stated Meeting to conduct research and contemplate the concepts prior to discussing them in tiled Lodge.
The goal is to introduce Brethren to various Masonic philosophies, symbolic and esoteric knowledge so that each Brother can interpret for himself; thus internalizing the lessons of Freemasonry.

Br. Bryan's  Series... Br. Bryan Minich wrapped up his series of talks at the Stated Meeting on January 2nd.  For those of you who missed hearing him, or if you would like a copy of his series, get in touch with the Lodge Secretary and we will arrange for you to receive a copy.  This was excellent work by Br. Bryan and we are looking forward to the next subject and speaker.