Wyandotte Lodge No. 3, AF & AM

Message from the East

"Developing Character"

  Where did Spring go? Seems it flew right by and here it is this week, Summer arrives with all of it's sunshine and blistering temperatures. I write this piece as I return from a Bennett Springs trout expedition. Calvin Cooolidge once said about fishing and hunting "These are true outdoor sports of the highest sense, and must be pursued in a way that develops energy, perserverance, skill, and courage of the individual. There is a great wealth of life and experience in this field which is never exhausted, and always fresh and new. It is accompanied by traits of character which make a universal appeal. A knowledge of thee arts may well be cultivated and cherished like a knowledge of the humanities and the sciences".

  Thinking about that passge, I dwell on the benefits of our Masonic craft and how it works to develop the character of our members thru inter-relationships with other Brothers. When we entered this fraternity, we did so with some degree of uncertainty, not really knowing or understanding where our journey would take us. Turns out that what we dicovered was a treasure trove of experiences awaiting to be opened, and that each Brother had a key to that treasure chest, he could open to recieve what teasures were there for his use.

  We have a baseball team! The lodge is supporting a boy's 9-10 baseball program. The "Wyandotte Blue Jays" as they are known, might be small, but they are mighty! Brother Philip Gicalone has been to several of their games and the season comes to a close in the summer. We will have them over to be recognized after the season.

Fathers Day is upon us. A special shout out to all the dads in the lodge, and to those who raised us. As always, it is an honor to serve as Master of this great lodge. 


As always, it is an honor to serve you

W.M. Michael Davison