Wyandotte Lodge No. 3, AF & AM

Message from the East

"I Believe"

  This is my first chance to humbly address the Brothers of Wyandotte Lodge #3 as incoming Worshipful Master for 2022. I am folowing in the footsteps of previous Masters whose legacies endure to this day. W:.B:. Bill Leonard once told me, "You haven't really expienced being a Worshipful Master until you arrive in the East at Wyandotte 3". W:.B:. Bill, you were spot on and I am amazed at all of the moving pieces that make this lodge truly unique.

  I believe strongly in "servant leadership" where one leads by putting the needs of others (in this case our lodge) first. It is said in our work that Masonry takes good men and makes them better. When lodge members feel personally and professionally fullfilled, they become even greater Masons. Creating and maintaining a rewarding enviroment is my challenge. Our first and greatest care must always be towards the welfare of each of our Brothers and their families. I further believe that the Eastern Star Gladiolas Chapter, Delaware DeMolay Chapter, and Job's Daughters Bethel #2 are "Wards" of this lodge and deserve our support and recognition for the work they do.

  I will continue to enthusiastically support the scholarship program first envisioned by by W:.B:. Frank Keedy, W:.B;. Bryan Minich, and W:.B:. Glenn Epperson. I have seen first hand how grateful these students and the school administrators are to recieve our help providing scholarship oportunities. I will also ask the Wardens and Trustees to examine what other charitable programs we could support and bring them before the lodge for consideration.

  We are a great Brotherhood. I stronly encourage each of you to think about what draws you to this lodge and come forward with suggestions for steps we can jointly take to make it better. What steps can we, as a lodge, take to further enhance our journey thru Masonry? In closing I want to recognize and thank W:.B:. Garry Bichelmeyer and W:.B:. Bryan Minich for their leadership during thes last two COVID years. It goes without saying that credit must also be given to the work our Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustees prformed as well. The active support given our Study Club throughout this period insured that the lodge maintained it's high level of proficiency. It took those steady hands on the tiller to ensure our Masonic ship sailed smoothly.

W.M. Michael Davison