Wyandotte Lodge No. 3, AF & AM

Sickness and Distress

This page is to inform our Brethren and Friends of Brothers and their Families who are experiencing Sickness and Distress.  If you are a Member or family of a Brother of Wyandotte Lodge #3 and would like the information about your situation on this page, please either send us an e-mail to wyandot3@aol.com or call the office at 913-730-8482 or even send us a letter.  We hope this is a useful addition to our web page.

W:.B:. Jimmie Hannah is recovering from shoulder surgey.

W:.B:. Bob Jeselnik has some heart blackage.

W:.B:. Bob Jeselnik's brother recieved some heart stints. 

Michele Jeselnik needs rotator cup surgery.

Ann Rumsey is in the hospitol with COVID.

W:.B:. Mark Davison is back home but on oxygen.